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Keeping Alive The Local Craftsmanship

I Value Every Idea makes two very significant assurances – fair wages to its artisans and quality products to its customers!

I Value Every Idea, coasters, trays, pen stands, tea lights, piggy banks, Navya Agarwal.
Folding Table

The best things happen when there’s an amalgamation of the old and the new, of the traditional and the modern. Keeping this in mind, IVEI (I Value Every Idea) started experimenting with handmade products that have a vintage feel along with a contemporary edge.

IVEI believes in minimalist designs, quality and productivity, and this reflects in all their products. From a DIY set of coasters, trays and pen stands, to tea lights and piggy banks, each product is unique and a labour of love.

Corporate gifts, wherein products are customised as per each company’s requirements, constitute a big chunk of IVIE’s orders. The brand also specialises in return gifts, exclusive custom pieces and spatial designs.

I Value Every Idea, coasters, trays, pen stands, tea lights, piggy banks, Navya Agarwal.
Wooden Party Money Bank

The brand started work from Sitapur, a small city near Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. Now, artisans and carpenters based in Lakhimpur Kheri and Varanasi also work for IVEI. Their experience and skill combined with in-house designers’ ideas and expertise led to the creation of unique handcrafted utility products.

Though these local craftsmen are immensely talented, most chose to pursue other professions for better wages. IVEI recognised this and revived their interest in carpentry by promising them fair payment. A passion for their trade and fair wages lured them back to their age-old profession. Each product, handcrafted by them from scrap wood is not only unique but also beautiful.

Navya Agarwal founded IVEI with the hopes of reviving art in urban India and paying due respect to local craftsmen. A product designer from Raffles Millennium International in Bengaluru and a graduate from Christ University also in Bangalore, Agarwal personally interacts with her artisans. She helps them understand their strengths and weaknesses, guides them towards developing their skills and designs products that best showcase this.

I Value Every Idea, coasters, trays, pen stands, tea lights, piggy banks, Navya Agarwal.
Chair Tea Light Candles

“I truly believe and value every idea. No matter how random an idea may appear at first, if seriously built upon, it often has a lot to offer,” says Agarwal.

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Text By Debarati Chakraborty


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