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Good design comes in small packages as well as large

Live Life ‘Swartz’ Size

Space planning – a necessity in metros to make small houses livable.

With the rise in urbanism, the population in the cities is increasing. People come to cities in search of jobs and a better lifestyle. To provide a proper living space to them, the number of apartments getting constructed is increasing which in turn is reducing the size of each apartment making it difficult for people to live in cramped spaces. After a hard day’s work, home is where you want to sit back and relax and these urban space constraints should not hamper the coziness of said home.

Good design comes in small packages as well as large

In this scenario, the role of an architect or designer is to propose designs which will not only be multifunctional but also planned to give the area a spacious and comfortable feel. A properly designed space with appropriate space planning helps in making a smaller space more usable.

When it comes to metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, etc.,due to less space availability, people live in small homes and have to accommodate their furniture in restricted areas. Multifunctional furniture comes in handy in such cases.

Spatial solutions are used in small spaces that emphasize on living well

A few other ways in which small spaces can be made useful are by creating sleek designs by following simple grids to accommodate more furniture. The use of pastel colours instead of dark colours or heavy patterns also makes a space look less crowded. Minimalism is key and it also helps if one doesn’t hoard things and keeps the home well maintained and clean.

Along similar lines, architect Brad Swartz with an approach to maximize the available area in a home has come up with spatial solutions that can be used in small spaces that emphasize on living well.

After proving that ‘good design comes in small packages as well as large’ with the Darlinghurst Apartment, they received Best Apartment or Unit at the 2015 House Awards and have recently been named Emerging Interior Design Practice at the 2017 Australian Interior Design Awards. Working with architects like Kevin Lo has helped him get a grasp of the process interior architects follow while designing.

The award for the Darlinghurst Apartment kicked off their practice in 2015. Stepping aside from the firm beliefs of architects that ‘form follows function’, their firm tries to create the feeling of a space through their designs. With currently just two architects in their studio; him and Emily Elliott, they plan on expanding slowly and focus on quality. Apartment systems being the most efficient nowadays are widely seen in cities like New York, Japan, Paris, etc.

With his approach, he tries to change the perception of small spaces by showing people the value of being close to everything. Specializing in bespoke residential designs, each of their works responds uniquely to each site and client. Trying to use a calmer material palette, they try to reflect honesty through their interiors.

After receiving a string of achievements for their innovative approach at small spaces, they continue to create inventive apartments. With his designs, he gives us an insight into his ideas that we can incorporate for better livability in small spaces.



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