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Pondymania, lamps, corporate lighting, silhouettes, handcrafted.
Bearys Global research center, Bangalore

Pondymania: Made In Light

From designing lamp to corporate lighting projects and from pencil research sketches to production, the team of Pondymania is mastering all the aspects from the creation to the production.

After studying Arts in France and living in several countries in Africa and Asia, it was in Pondicherry in 2002 that the French couple Pascal Lys and Isabelle Thevenet found their calling. The duo was convinced that lights could be an ideal way to express their creativity.

Pondymania, lamps, corporate lighting, silhouettes, handcrafted.
Cone palmes

The lamps designed and produced by Pondymania are a mesmerizing blend of traditional or natural motifs and contemporary silhouettes. They may at times be inspired by the environment in Asia or Europe and at other times may also combine natural elements (like flowers and leaves) with graphic and geometric patterns. This blend makes the products unique and recognizable. The designer duo, Pascal and Isabelle create and design products which are simple, sophisticated and refined at the same time.

After a few years of designing and producing, the brand was in a position to offer lamps in different shapes, sizes, finishes and colors. By multiplying all these factors, the team ended with tens of thousands of possibilities.

Pondymania, lamps, corporate lighting, silhouettes, handcrafted.
Aqua detail

Instead of keeping some ready-made stock, the brand created and edited one catalogue not showing picture of each and every model that could be produced as it would be endless, but rather they chose to explain customers how they can themselves decide and order their very own lamp, that will be produced especially for them and dispatched in a couple of week.

Beginning in 2005 with a single employee, the brand has now become the largest fabric lamp designer and producer in South India, employing more than 20 persons, mostly women. Despite the size of the company, each lamp is still handcrafted one by one with utmost care in order to offer an unparalleled quality and finish.

Pondymania, lamps, corporate lighting, silhouettes, handcrafted
PondyMania Workshop

The brand is distributing its creations through a network of stores across the country in Pondicherry, Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Trivandrum, Goa, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Guwahati.

Pondymania, lamps, corporate lighting, silhouettes, handcrafted.
Patni Heath Care, Mumbai

The brand has collaborated with architects and interior designers to create and produce special lamps for several IT company offices and leading Indian and international companies.

By Anindita Ganguly



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