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The unique texture to the products is courtesy the use of various recycled materials

Raw Ingenuity

Sylvn Studio’s products made from unusual raw materials are both a visual feast and a conversation starter.

The unique texture to the products is courtesy the use of various recycled materials
The unique texture to the products is courtesy the use of various recycled materials

Bandana Jain is someone who believes that creating the exquisite and hand painted is the need of new tech-savvy homes. Armed with that ideology and a vision to revolutionise the lighting and home décor industry, Bandana is set to carve a niche for herself soon. She creates products with a glamour quotient; something that is unconventional, practical and most importantly accountable to the environment.Meet Bandana Jain of Sylvn Studio. She creates handcrafted home decor products from a gamut of recycled materials such as corrugated boards, empty bottles, bicycle wheels, old books, fused bulbs, shirts, etc. Her product range includes earth friendly lamps, furniture and home decor products with an aim to create beautiful visual experiences in varied spaces such as homes, restaurants, lobbies and business centres.web 6
As a student of the JJ School of Art, Bandana has always been fascinated with inventing things from unwanted trash and uncommon raw materials. Probe her about the beginnings of this beautiful creative enterprise and she responds, “For our new house, I wanted to create a plush new lounge atmosphere. After going through the designs available in the market, I realised there is a need for a new textured decor. That led me to creating furniture from corrugated paper sheets. After a lot of experimentation with designs and colours, I was able to create a beautiful unique look for my lounge. The appreciation that I received, inspired me to take it up on a bigger scale and this became the root of Sylvn Studio.”
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Talking about texture, the products are a visual delight. The recycled material and an innovative design give a unique texture to the products, which are termite proof and highly durable. But the process of creating these masterpieces is not easy. Right from finding the perfect corrugated board to work with to the unavailability of skilled labour and cutting facilities makes it an arduous process. Her products are priced between Rs. 850 to Rs. 58000.

And if you are the arty kind, Sylvn Studio’s products might catch your fancy at a local home decor or handicraft exhibition.


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