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The unveling of the quirky, “Sculpture” by Lorenzo Quinn

Venice Biennale

The exhibition invites engagement of the many visitors in order to understand architecture in complex detail and to stimulate discussion on core architectural values.

The unveling of the quirky, “Sculpture” by Lorenzo Quinn

The Venice Biennale also known as La Biennale Di Venezia has released a list of 13 Collateral Events that will take place alongside the 16th International Architecture Exhibition curated by Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamaraand chaired by President, Paolo Baratta.

Previews of the main event will begin on May 24th and 25th, with the exhibition open to the public from May 26th to November 25th, 2018.

These collateral events, each promoted by a non-profit sponsor, will take place across the city in an attempt to enrich the diversity of voices that characterize the Biennale. It organizes exhibitions and research in different sectors including arts, cinema, architecture, music, theater and dance.

Claudia Fontes, The Horse Problem – Argentina at the Venice Art Biennale 2017

“Freespace”, the architecturally inspired theme for this year Biennale will present examples, proposals and elements (built or unbuilt) of work that exemplify essential qualities of architecture which include modulation, richness and materiality of surface, revealing the embodied power of architecture for public scrutiny.

The exhibition will have a spatial and physical presence of a scale and equality which will impact visitors, communicating architecture’s complex special nature. The exhibition invites emotional and intellectual engagement of the many who visit in order to understand architecture in complex detail and to stimulate discussion on core architectural values and celebrate its proven and enduring contribution to humanity.

Among exemplary international participants like Norman Foster, Tadao Ando and Wang Shu, two of our very own Indian architects have engaged at the Biennale making us beam with pride. Gurjeet Singh Mathroo of Mathroo Associates reinvigorates the concrete language of Le Corbusier and Kahn with projects ranging from private residences to public facilities. He brings to his practice, his earlier experiences in Bhutan, Dubai and Locarno.

Rahul Mehrotra, of RMA Architects, also a professor of Urban Design and planning as well as Chair of the same department at Harvard Graduate School of Design,USA, inspires his works from the Indian way of life, expressing the beauty and grace of our country in his displays. He has participated in other prestigious exhibitions all over
the world.

The “Guardians of Time” were developed by the artist Manfred Kielnhofer, who is sure that mankind is watched and protected by strange characters

Both the architects, who have already showcased their work in the 2016 Biennale, are all set to awe us with their crafty displays once again at the 2018 edition. Inspired by the Greek proverb, “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in”, the Biennale will present a cohort of National participants along with selected collateral events with their captivating exhibits. Some of the most unbelievably creative sculptures like “Sculpture, The Horse Problem, Guardians of Time, have been exhibited and we just can’t wait for what the upcoming 71 participants all over the world have up their sleeve this year!



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