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Made from high-quality ceramics the sinks are resistant to both heat and cold

Villeroy & Boch Sets A New Standard In The Kitchen

As well as a selection of up to 16 different colours for its ceramic sinks, Villeroy & Boch also offers a diverse choice of kitchen tap fittings.

Made from high-quality ceramics the sinks are resistant to both heat and cold

Villeroy & Boch, for many years has focused on bringing colour in the kitchen. Along with the furniture, design, flooring and walls, the ambience in a kitchen is also crucially defined by the sink area.

To add to their classic stainless steel and chrome finishes, Villeroy & Boch has now expand their range by adding three new premium effects to empower users with more individuality when designing their kitchens. Available in gold, bronze and anthracite, the new finishes are available for selected tap fittings – Avia 2.0 (graceful yet with a contemporary twist), Umbrella and Umbrella Flex (stylishly high curving spouts) and Finera (featuring a pared-down rounded shape), all quintessentially chic.To also add more pizzaz in the sink area, Villeroy & Boch have a round pop-up waste cover in three new finishes.

New finishes are available for selected tap fittings like the Umbrella and Umbrella Flex with it stylishly high curving spouts

If you are looking for a twenty-first-century ceramic kitchen sink that permits customised design possibilities, the Architectura series from Villeroy & Boch is the consummate choice. Classic yet trendy, a new, generously proportioned model has been included to the Architectura 50, Architectura 60 and Architectura 60 XR (with a half bowl), while the Architectura 80 which has two large closable basins makes available ample work space around the kitchen sink.

Due to the unique basin shape and a large drainage area with pragmatic grooves, all Architectura models promise a superior degree of functionality. The main basin (available in a manually operated or pop-up waste outlet), has enough proportion to hold large pots and pans. The series is appropriate for surface-mounted installation, with the basin installed on either the left or right side, thus affording super flexible solutions in the sink area, including an option for left-handed users.

Some series have a left or right side installation option, making it super flexible for left-handed users

Architectura kitchen sinks are made from high-quality ceramic, making them very resistant to both heat and cold. They allow you to place hot pans and frozen food on the ceramic sink with ease, as household acids will not leave a stain as well. Because of the CeramicPlus finish, hygiene and easy cleaning will be the norm in your kitchen.

Matching your sink to your kitchen colour scheme is now a breeze as the Architectura comes in thirteen ceramicshades, including the new matt stone white in TitanGlaze.

Top of the line, precisely fitting accessories gives you the advantage of preparing food directly at the sink as the range includes a 1/3 steam bowl positioned lengthways in the half bowl and diagonally in the main basin, a universal chopping board made from solid oiled beech, a roll-up rack, a wire basket and an integrated strainer bowl.

Villeroy & Boch’s Butler sink is another classic in the kitchen. Trendy with minimalist lines the new Butler sink comes without a tap panel, composed only of a basin. The basin projects robustly over the front of the unit, while the tap is positioned behind the sink on the work surface.

The new model is available as a single basin in a width of 60 cm, or a double basin in 80 cm or 90 cm widths. The new Butler sink can be installed on a variety of work surfaces and appears especially grand when matched with stone.

Available in White Alpine, Stone White, Crema and Ebony, the Butler sink with its linear front and a large basin is ideal for individual kitchen designs and will become the highlight in your kitchen.

Under the banner of ‘The beauty of fine shapes,’ Villeroy & Boch unveiled its first range of kitchen sinks made from the innovative TitanCeram ceramic material. The Siluet family now has a new addition, the Siluet 60 R with a second smaller basin for even more usefulness at the sink area.

The new Siluet 60 R model with a 60 cm base unit makes it a lot more flexible as it has a strainer bowl to easily wash fruit, salad or vegetables, or even rinse dirty crockery. One specific advantage is that the standard stainless steel steamer bowls fit perfectly in the small basin, allowing you to prepare food directly at the sink and steam after cooking.

The Siluet 60 R has been developed by the renowned designer Patrick Frey. It’s striking design features include a narrow mounting rim, small-radius corners and a linear inner basin, making it an elegant focus in any urban kitchen.

Because of the special finish, hygiene and easy cleaning will be the norm in your kitchen

The sink owes its filigree design to the ingenious TitanCeram material. Its particular mix of natural raw materials enables the manufacturing of ceramic products with sharp defined edges and thin walls, all the while guaranteeing high stability. TitanCeram also propounds all the material benefits of high-quality ceramic, as all the Siluet models are food-safe and lightfast, and are resistant to knocks, impacts, scratches and even heat and cold.

As well as the 60 R sink, the Siluet is also available in base unit widths of 60 cm, 50 cm and 45 cm. All models come in a choice of 13 ceramic colours with manually operated or pop-up waste outlet tap fittings supplied. A smorgasbord of accessories is also available to streamline workflows, like a chopping board that is made from walnut wood and fits precisely in the drainage area for food preparation, as well as multifunctional steamer bowls and stainless steel wire baskets.

The basins can be integrated on either side also, while all models are suitable for either flush-fitting or surface-mounted installation. The flush-fitting option allows very easy cleaning and also makes work surfaces appear larger, while the classic integrated version is mounted on top of the work surface, clearly demarcating the sink area from the rest of the space. With its narrow mounting rim, Siluet also works harmoniously with any overall kitchen design in this installation version.

Siluet was awarded the ‘KitchenInnovation of the Year 2018’ consumer prize at the Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt as it convinced experts and consumers in the criteria of innovation, product benefits, design and material composition.

Villeroy & Boch’s material development segment has 270 years of experience in ceramic production, resulting in formulations for pioneering materials such as TitanGlaze, a matt glaze that sets standards in terms of functionality and aesthetics.This glaze contains high-purity crystalline aluminium oxide that increases the surface resistance, even attaining above-average results in the diamond-scratch and ball-drop tests. The aluminium oxide used also has a fine matt effect which endows it with a velvety feel and softly shimmering contours.

TitanGlaze in the new colour Stone White has been on trend for a while now. Villeroy & Boch offers Stone White in all ceramic sinks from their current portfolio – The Siluet, Subway, Timeline, Architectura, Cisterna, Condor, Flavia, NewWave and Monumentum series, as well as all corner and Butler sinks.

Avia, a gracefully designed tap, coming in a solid body and a fashionably shaped spout has a snazzy retro look. For 2019, Villeroy & Boch will reveal a modern interpretation of the Avia design comprising some attractive details. The new Avia 2.0 will feature a novel handle with a ball joint to accentuate the bona fide vintage look, while the connection of the spout to the body has also been revised to create an even more original effect.

Avia 2.0 will come in new finishes such as solid stainless steel, three premium finishes including gold, bronze and Anthracite. Avia 2.0 is also available in a standard and low-pressure versions, allowing it to be used with an under-sink appliance or flow heater.

Use Villeroy & Boch products to create a sensation in any kitchen.



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