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“Istanbul Series” by Ross Lovegrove

Vitra Unveils Bespoke Bathrooms

An exclusive range of neo-luxurious bathroom solutions that make you get the feel of experiencing a custom made designer bathroom every day.

“Istanbul Series” by Ross Lovegrove

The crème of Society wants something exceptional with a touch of luxury in their lives and homes. From designer suits and luxury sedans, from French couture to Italian stilettos and to designer-inspired homes, one wants to live life king (or queen) size.

Modern flats in high-rises or gated communities are elegant yet compact, so concepts of neo-luxury are relevant today. VitrA bathroom solutions wed modern technology to cutting-edge design to create a serene oasis; an uber-luxe bathroom experience, a place of luxurious pampering with amazing features, delightful décor with functional aesthetics and colours that soothe or inspire you.

VitrA, the leading bathroom solutions brand of Eczacıbaşı Building Product Division, will give you a personalized bathroom with all the features you always wanted. It is as if you have hired your own personal bathroom designer and the best one at that! Yet, you get these amazing products and systems off-the-shelf so to say. Re-imagining and re-designing bathroom spaces give one a whole host of exciting, luxurious, glamorous, space-optimizing, technologically superior options.

Our world-renowned designers, technologists and engineers are hard at work to realize your dreams of beautiful, ultra-functional bathrooms that instil an aura of tranquillity and bliss. Make your own ‘style statement’ with our personalized ‘System Fit’, a systematic design vision of futuristic units in different widths, depths and lengths. Our top-of-the-line innovative technologies and products totally transform your Bathroom spaces with intelligent solutions and inspiring designs that add value and a touch of class to your life. No matter what kind of Bathroom/Toilet you envision, VitrA will make it happen without fuss or stress.

“Metropole Series by NOA”

Istanbul by Lovegrove: An architect’s delight!

For those who want novelty, ‘Istanbul’ is a collection inspired by the fluidity of water and the art/architecture of this classically significant city. The pure organic contours of the ‘Istanbul’ series redefine the magnificence of the city in a single beautiful language that speaks to the heart of every lover of pristine purity.

Ross Lovegrove, the creator of Istanbul, is one of the most fascinating designers of the 21st century. Recipient of countless important international awards, this world-famous British designer calls his design concept “organic essentialism”. Using sophisticated technology and materials, he creates fluid organic shapes that are sculptural masterpieces. He shares VitrA’s passion for substantial innovation and design excellence and is called upon to speak at leading international design fora about how his inspiration from natural elements is reshaped into beautiful futuristic forms.

Innovative, illustrious Metropole series by NOA

The new line of VitrA, is designed to add value to architecture. NOA, an award winning design group brings you the prestigious Metropole series, a high-tech and trendy series that offers nearly endless possibilities for a restful and inspiring bathroom decor with intelligent amd innovative systems. Metropole is the epitome of architectural aspirations, futuristic materials and visionary strategies. Metropole WC is designed with an in-built compatible VitrA fresh technology for excellent hygiene and fresh odour.

The concealed mounting allows for visual continuity and easier cleaning. The WC’s feature is a water-saving flushing made with a rimless WC pan. The liquid cleaner tank on top of the WC pan adds liquid detergent to the flushing water, every flush maximizing hygiene and freshness the air. Thermostatic stop valve integrated to the WC pan allows users to mix hot and cold water coming from the bidet nozzle and fixes the water at maximum 38o for adding comfort.

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