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Moroc MO2 Armchair

Yothaka’s Eco-friendly Furniture

Started in 1989, Yothaka International Co., Ltd. was the first to develop the application of water-hyacinth in the Thailand furniture industry.

Moroc MO2 Armchair

Yothaka differentiates itself from other companies through its amazing creativity, frequently tweaking its ranges and adding new designs every year. Today, Yothaka proffers a huge collection, all designed in-house, be it furniture or accessories that have novel Asian characteristics blended with modern design concepts. But its most favourable feature it that all its designs use the most Eco-friendly materials.

Jupiter Bench Set

The tropical water weed hyacinth is customarily located in the rivers and lakes of South East Asia. Its rapid growth was taking over the rivers and causing problems for the Thai government. In order to encourage the villagers living along the banks to cut the plant from the water, they developed the weed into an environmentally sustainable income generating material. Being in abundance, Yothaka discerned a way of amalgamating the fibres of the plant into their furniture.

Besides its wide range of beautifully hand-crafted water-hyacinth furniture, Yothaka also makes hand-made home accessories such as table lamps, candle holders and basketry.

Lunar Chair

Another method to integrate a local handicraft technique into their designs is the use of Yan Lipao. Flourishing only in the forests of Southern Thailand, Yan Lipao is woven using traditional basketry techniques into structural forms. Lisu is an ethnic hill tribe found in Eastern Tibet that makes their living cultivating the opium poppy, which can then be transformed into cloth and rope, another practice Yothaka employs in the production of their chairs.

Roy Riang Panel

Thailand has also developed a fibre made of pineapples which the company has used to make stools and bench seating in a range of colours. Besides natural fibres, Yothaka has also been working with PE plastic since 2005. Their recyclable collection is made of a polyurethane-polyethylene compound, but woven the same as their natural rattan line.

This green-oriented furniture company showcases the diversity and creativity of Thai design and culture with new collections now being introduced globally.



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