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Viega Tilable inlay for drains

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Renowned producers of plumbing and heating installation technologies, Viega is creating new innovations for consumers every day.

Viega Tilable inlay for drains

Ms. Anna Viegener – Chief Strategy Officer and Viega Shareholder gets conversational with The Inside Track about Viega, leading producers of plumbing and heating.

Ms. Anna Viegener – Chief Strategy Officer and Viega Shareholder

Please tell us a little bit about Viega.

Viega, a family owned international manufacturer of plumbing and HVAC solutions has been active in India since 2005. Viega sells PEX for radiant heating and plumbing systems along with copper, stainless steel and metal alloy pipes along with mechanical pressure fitting products.

The company has invested 20 million euros for the logistics centre, research & development departments and a customer experience centre. Our plan is to produce all the three product categories that we operate in India viz piping systems, drainage systems and flushing systems.

Advantix bathroom drain for renovation

What are some of the new products that your company has made in the bathroom products segment?

We have launched our new product range named Viega Pexfit Pro piping system that gives flexibility to the planner for installing a pliable piping system. We have introduced the drainage system Viega Advantix triple inlet drain which was designed especially for the Indian market. In flushing systems, we have recently launched Viega Concealed Cistern Smart.

It is one single cistern which has front/top actuation, left/right water inlets, and it can also be used for low height application as well. This product is loaded with benefits giving architects and planners design freedom.

How do you keep in tune with current trends?

Being satisfied with what has already been achieved has never been Viega’s way of doing things. Every day, our team of researchers and developers devote their energy and brainpower to the job of improving products and raising standards with new approaches. Viega products have won over 100 international design awards. This in itself tells a story.

Reddot design & IF Product product design winner Advantix Vario Shower Channel by Viega

What are some of the measures you have taken towards eco-friendly solutions?

Being a global market leader in installation technology, we always strive for betterment. Our concealed cisterns have a dual flush with best in class performance for water conservation. In the field of drinking water installations, the use of smaller piping systems in combination with flow-enhancing components is extremely advantageous both in terms of hygiene and cost-effectiveness.

On the one hand, you can prevent an increased use of material, and on the other hand you are able to reduce the amount of water in the pipes.

What is the average Indian customer’s reaction towards Viega products?

The company’s research and development centre is designed to focus on local product requirement therefore our product and design innovations are well appreciated by the Indian market. In this way, we intend to become a driving force in terms of product and service quality in India.

What do we look forward to from Viega in the near future?

With rapidly growing economy, the Indian market offers enormous potential for us to grow. In line with our sales growth, we intend to expand our Indian employee base, add production lines, increase our market penetration and be one of the top plumbing brands in India. In fact, in the coming years, Viega is actively implementing a strategy to export the products to China and South East Asia making India as a major hub.



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