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Mola, The Seat

SpaceTale Design

Spacetale Design, a Kolkata based furniture studio spins memorable tales through their bespoke furniture pieces.

Mola, The Seat

Headed by designers Subi Suman and Poulami Biswas, SpaceTale, a Kolkata based furniture studio, crafts unique yet perfectly functional furniture pieces that blend the precision and beauty of Indian craftsmanship with their contemporary designs. The emphasis is on allowing the handcrafted pieces to narrate a story pulled from the memories of the client’s past, present or the probable future.

The studio has won several prestigious awards and continues to win accolades for their meticulous and unique work. Subi and Poulami tell The Inside Track why it’s so important for them to craft personal stories through their furniture collections.

Poulami Biswas

Tell us about the inception and intent behind SpaceTale Designs

Everyone has a story. Sometimes we are the lead of that story, and sometimes we just witness them. Sometimes it’s just boring, while some are utterly fascinating. These stories hold memories of our childhood, and our present. They may be folklores or mythical legends that were passed on for centuries or just stories of our daily lives. These little tales make our lives interesting and worth living.

SpaceTale products are about such stories that have been such an integral part of us. These stories are inspired by the great cultural heritage of India as well as the stories of our lives. Furniture and products from SpaceTale are meant to reflect a personality that is an extension of a quintessential Indian.

Subi Suman

Would you briefly tell us about your background and training?

Subi Suman is a graduate of architecture and following his passion for interiors and space products, he joined NID in 2007 in Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Furniture and Interior Design. Being in a multidisciplinary environment, Subi pursued his interests in graphic design, toy design, light design, photography and other inter-disciplinary subjects.

Poulami Biswas, a born artist, dancer, an architect, and an urban designer joined SpaceTale as a creative coordinator in 2012. Her paintings and art on furniture transform the pieces into art objects.

Sonar Tori

Your collections are sensibly crafted and celebrate the beauty of storytelling. Is there a conscious thought behind customizing and developing of all your products?

Yes, all of our products tell a story or portray an event in a frame. Even when it’s about bespoke furniture, we try to put some effort on storytelling and somehow in most cases the clients also love them. So, in a long run we have established this as a signature style of our brand.

Hexa Pattern

Tell us about the entire scope of work undertaken by SpaceTale Designs.

We have three verticals now Spacetale Signature collection: Where we have our furniture collection, anyone can buy them. We allow limited customisation in terms of material and finish, but in this case minimum order quantity is required.

Spacetale Bespoke: Where we do customised projects. Sometime we collaborate with renowned Indian architects and designers. We do design consultancy along with production for the same.

We are coming up with limited edition collection where the design will not be mass produced. Our buyer will get a signed certificate for the product along with declaration about the produced number of copies. Some of them will be single piece designs as well.

Cosmos Sofa

What role does India’s extensive craft heritage and craftsmanship play in your own signature style?

We value the diverse craftsman skills of India. The studio consistently perseveres to develop our crafting style and we collaborate and train our community craftsmen. We often try to blend our design sensibilities with Indian crafts.

Take us through the manufacturing process. Are the objects handcrafted in your studio workshop or machine-made?

We believe in handcrafted design as we think our furniture pieces are functional sculptures. We have our own design studio and workshop for production. For the basic cutting and structural job the workshop has a wood working machine and power tools, rest of it is totally handcrafted.

Burgeon Arm Chair

What are the materials you essentially work with? Any plans to explore new materials?

The main material is solid wood and engineered wood. We explore different verticals where wood is the main material but is treated in a different manner to create completely different aesthetics. For instance, we have developed wooden motif which looks like a full ceramic body, since we found wood is more effective as it is not fragile like ceramic.

Does SpaceTale Designs take any special measures to counter environmental deterioration?

Yes, we try to ensure minimal material wastage in all out production. Our design aesthetics draw inspiration for nature too. Our products like Rosa, Lotus, Burgeon, shoot-up, bird coaster set have taken cues from the nature. We also gift our customers and clients seed boxes, so that they can throw them over vacant land to allow trees to grow organically.

Nest Bird Coaster Set

What are you currently working on and any plan to expand you’re work portfolio in future?

Definitely, we have lots of expansion plan. Every year we try to initiate new ventures to add to our body of work.

Where can people buy your products: in-store/online/directly from you?

Our furniture is ordered on request. People connect with us through our social media pages and email or call us directly for furniture booking.



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