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Aster Cucine Launches Luxury Glam

Aster Cucine one of the leading manufactures in innovative designs of kitchen cabinets in Europe launches their new kitchen concept – Luxury Glam, a Kitchen concept which is all about the draw of elegance, sensuality and luxury.

With ‘luxury’ representing both extravagance and having the time to enjoy it, and ‘glamour’ being all about what draws us to it, in that sense this collection is both fascinating and seductive. Luxury Glam tells its own tale spelling out its story with glossy surfaces, sharp features, leather, textures, steel handles and legs.

The Luxury Glam Kitchen concept is an intimate creative mood. It takes its inspiration by people who love luxury, but want to have more fun so they add a touch of “glamour” too. With playful combinations of golds and silvers, gloss finishes and mirrors, with luxurious surfaces and precious woods, they have given everything you need to create a look that is all about the glamour.

So indulge yourself with the best of luxury concept kitchens from Aster Cucine represented in India by Ottimo!



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