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The precise geometry of DuraSquare’s right-angled outer form, flows smoothly into its soft organic inner contour

Durasquare – Designs That Create Space!

Duravit’s expanded DuraSquare series represents the fusion of minimalism with integrated storage.

The precise geometry of DuraSquare’s right-angled outer form, flows smoothly into its soft organic inner contour

Recently developed inclusions to the already existing range compose of new washbasin sizes, an asymmetric washbasin and a double washbasin, all of which can be incorporated with a vanity unit or metal console. Different combination options with the XSquare furniture range are an attestation to DuraSquare’s adaptability and advantageous storage potential.

The range’s new asymmetric washbasin gives the user more convenience to retrieve one’s things as its storage area is fitted on the sides (which can be designated on the left or the right). With a width of 800 mm, the bigger washbasin is ideal for guest bathrooms where space is not a premium problem. The symmetrical washbasin design also comes in a width of 500 mm for smaller bath areas. Both can be coupled with the vanity units from the XSquare series and other Duravit furniture ranges.

The washbasin’s asymmetric design gives the user
more storage area that can be fitted on the the left or the right

The metal console is very sleek looking giving the DuraSquare washbasin a streamlined appearance. Available in modern black and classic chrome, in wall-mounted or floor-standing alternatives, the integrated glass shelf (available in seven trendy patterns) gives the customer a personalised sense of design.

The latest 1200 mm wide double washbasin unit, not only allows two people to use the washing area simultaneously, but because of the flowing form centre strip that is set slightly lower than the faucet deck, allows for additional storage space for everyday objects like a toothbrush, comb, razor , etc. With 28 different finishes from wood to lacquer available and a combination option with the stylish metal console, it’s the perfect choice for a stylish couple’s bathroom.

The double washbasin unit has a unique centre strip that allows for additional space to keep objects like a toothbrush, comb or razor

In typical DuraSquare flair, the add-ons to the range amalgamate practicality and elegance of design. The precise geometry of DuraSquare’s right-angled outer form flows smoothly into its soft, organic inner contour. These minimalist basins are made from the innovative DuraCeram® ceramic material that makes it possible to create basins with extremely thin rims that are still robust and extremely easy to care for.

Duravit is active in more than 130 countries worldwide and stands for innovation in the fields of signature design, comfort-enhancing technology and premium quality.



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