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E-Stilts Desking System By Vector Projects

Vector Projects has introduced the E-Stilts Desking System in India, which has been inspired by stilts houses. E-Stilts Desking System is a simple, ingenious, and adaptive work bench that lends itself for a wide range of applications in an open workplace.

It can be modified to not only function as a staff workstation, but also as a manager workstation or conference table. E-Stilts desking system can be restructured to suit the working style of any individual need. It can be modified to various shapes like Linear, L-shape, 120 degree or an Executive shape.

The system was built to solve one of the basic challenges faced by small offices – a cluttered work space with numerous pieces of furniture and accessories. E-Stilts Desking System is assembled from five parts that can be individually customised as per different requirements. It consists of a leg profile, table arm, panel, wire tray and a wire riser. With add-on structures, the desking system can be further personalised to cater to all kinds of needs.



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