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Eureka Forbes, Euroclean, iCLEAN, 4-stage filtration, anti-bacterial fighting.

Eureka Forbes Launches Euroclean iCLEAN

Eureka Forbes, a pioneer in technological innovations has introduced a premium range of Euroclean iCLEAN, an extremely effective and effortless vacuum cleaner. A combination of intelligent engineering and superior craftsmanship, this cleaning marvel is powered with cutting edge Triple I technology that discharges negative ions in the air and traps the minute particles and clears the air of any pollutants. Equipped with superior dry power motor iCLEAN delivers maximum suction with minimum electricity consumption.

The special 4-stage filtration ensures that the expelled air is ultra-clean. The Active Shield coating on Euroclean dust bags builds an impenetrable wall of anti-bacterial fighting agents and traps & deactivates the harmful minute microorganisms inside the bag.



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