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Faber, Dishwasher, ease of use, total safety, Semi integrated design, sensor, Dual Zone wash.

Faber Launches Semi Integrated Dishwasher

Elegantly Designed Dishwasher by Faber, saves quite a bit of time and water in any kitchen, as its efficiency means it uses up to much less water than hand washing. The latest generation of Franke dishwashers guarantees the very best performance. Class A+ for low consumption, excellent washing and drying results in a short space of time.

It embodies the company philosophy: premium quality raw materials and excellent finished products; ease of use and total safety; reduced water and energy consumption with environmental protection in mind.

With Semi integrated design, SS finish, Electronic Control, Push Button, foldable Bottom Rack, adjustable upper basket and third layer cutlery basket and additional features of energy and water conservation, a special sensor

that sets the wash cycle in accordance with the soil level of the crockery, silent operation, delayed start, fitted safety systems and Dual Zone wash function that allows one to use either lower or upper basket, this dishwasher spells excellence.



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