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Gamle Launches New Range Of Swanky Cooktops

GAMLE introduces an air of elegance to gas cooking with the new Venus Gas Cooktop Series, featuring a sleek new design and enhanced features for even greater convenience. The irresistible design combined with its revolutionizing technology makes it one of the top class cooktops.

It has impressive functionality and astonishing temperature precision. This one is GAMLE bringing real style to the realm of the kitchen. Equipped with Auto ignition feature, cooking experience is simply seamless smoothand safe.

Launching the new dynamic range, Mr. Sanjeev Dayal, MD & CEO, GAMLE Appliances, said, “Kitchen is a place where not only food, but moments are cooked. We at GAMLE endeavour to transform those moments into memorable ones. We are launching these products to cater to the mid segment and mass market with the distinct objective to redefine and replace the cook top market in India.

These have been specially designed to suit Indian cooking requirements.” These cooktops refine your kitchen appearance with its polished look. So, don’t be surprised when you beget friends to envy your kitchen because of your cooktop!



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