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Gesture: An Ergonomic Office Chair Designed For Today’s Worklife


Steelcase, one of the global leaders in the office furniture industry unveiled Gesture, the world’s first ergonomic office chair designed to support one’s interactions with today’s technologies.

Steelcase researchers studied how the physiology of work has changed, how the human body interacts with new technologies and how it transitions as people shift from one device to another. Each new activity caused people to change postures. Gesture is designed in response to Steelcase’s global research about changing postures in the workplace.

Based on this research Steelcase designed Gesture, which encourages motion rather than forcing the body to hold only a single posture. The upper limb interface allows people to draw closer to a work surface to avoid hunching over a screen and easily move close to the body to support texting postures. Unlike conventional chairs, Gesture’s core online pokies interface hugs the lower back when people recline to scroll on a tablet screen. The seat interface adjusts rapidly to help users avoid perching on the edge of their chair.

Gesture embraces a broad range of body sizes and easily adapts to meet the needs of each individual user, which is critical in an increasingly global business environment that has to support more workers than ever before. Gesture is a system of interconnected parts – inspired by the human body – designed to support every movement.



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