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GM Modular Introduces Swarovski-Studded Cover Plates

GM Modular, a market leader in switches and other home electrical accessories has redefined switch manufacturing in India. GM has a wide range of switches and accessories ranging from smart switches to touch switches, from IR technology in home automation to Bluetooth enabled entertainment devices like i-Dock Player, Galaxy Player and more.

GM has long time associations with world leaders like Swarovski and Disney for its creative and innovative concepts, being the only Indian company to be associated with Swarovski and the only company in the world to tie-up with Disney. GM has recently introduced Swarovski crystal studded cover plates as an expression of pure passion towards a luxurious lifestyle. Crystals have a charm. When an object is complemented with them, it’s no more the same.

The magical charm of the crystals transforms any given object to its best. And GM has added this spellbinding magical touch of the crystals to their switch cover plates. This exclusive range of cover plates comes in distinct designs to suit one’s tastes and style. Divinity cover plates have religious scriptures or symbols etched on cover plates and adorned with Swarovski crystals and corporate cover plates come with company logos or symbols complimented with Swarovski crystals.



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