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Godrej Interio Presents Reason

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Reason is a designer range of office furniture from Godrej Interio which is highly flexible in nature with great appearance and functionality; thus allowing it to be well positioned in the various business climates existing in India. It is unique as it requires the user to think or work in a particular way to get the best use of it. One of its kind, it can adapt itself to the wishes, current thinking, working practice and budget of any operation, yet still leaves the door open for new functionality and the adoption of new working methods.

The aesthetic image of the system is tuned into the current trend for clean, sleek and unfussy lines thus giving a simple neutral background if required. It allows for controlled areas of colour, customisation or display. The leg itself can be customised with ease on an immediate basis to change the appearance or color scheme in a simple and cost effective way. Also, special attention has been given to the need for personal storage. It is possible to upgrade the workstations with user adjustable sit/ stand working surfaces if required, in keeping with the most current demands for a healthier workplace.


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