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Grandeur Launches Pianca’s Customisable Home Office Compositions

Grandeur has introduced customisable home office and study compositions by Pianca in India.  These work units are part of the Spazio collection by the premier Italian design house are custom designed to suit individual spaces and tastes.

With neat layouts and clearly bracketed sections, Spazio compositions can be customized for vertical and horizontal spaces, and can easily accommodate existing equipment and accessories.

They can be combined in a variety of ways using wall-mounted units, base units, bookcases and desks to create clever space-saving solutions.

The work-unit compositions can accommodate a large number of books and documents in an organized manner. Pianca’s designs combine clean surfaces and sleek lines for the right blend of elegance and simplicity.

These fully customizable work and study compositions are available in lacquer, veneer and glass finishes along with various other wall systems by Pianca, exclusively at Grandeur.



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