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Grohe Sensia Arena: A Smart Shower Toilet

As technology continues to transform the bathroom experience, the toilet is the next logical step to benefit from advances in this field. Sensia Arena, the innovative shower toilet from GROHE, is designed to maximise personal comfort and hygiene through gentle and smart cleansing.

What was originally a Japanese cleansing ritual using water instead of paper continues to gain in worldwide popularity. GROHE Sensia Arena is a compelling demonstration of how modern technology can improve our lives by blending the latest innovations, long-standing expertise and contemporary styling.

The most striking aspect of Sensia Arena is the modern and elegant design created by the GROHE in-house Design Studio.Extensive personalisation options are provided for anything from the water pressure and the position of the shower arm to the preferred temperature, spray pattern and cleansing cycle.

Among the numerous benefits of the Sensia Arena shower toilet are its self-cleaning features. Importantly, use of all these features is completely optional – Sensia Arena can be used just like a conventional toilet, for example by kids or uninitiated guests.



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