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Hafele Presents Innovative Stone Surface ‘Caesarstone’

Hafele introduces its latest innovation – Caesarstone, a wonderful stone surface that never ceases to amaze you. The Caesarstone is one such element that allows you to improve the visual aesthetics of your space thereby redefining it.

Caesarstone is an engineered stone which is made from 93% pure quartz stone and can be created in any imaginable colour by adding colour pigments and additives into the mix. It is extremely scratch resistant, heat resistant, anti-bacterial and absorption free. Caesarstone surfaces are stronger and have four times the flexural strength of granite surfaces. Being twice as impact resistant as granite, they possess an innate quality of non-porosity and flexibility. From kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities or even wall panelling, its quartz surfaces are adaptable enough to use anywhere you desire. The Caesarstone range of colours gives them the freedom to create stunning designs in their interiors.



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