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High Definition Glazed Vitrified Tiles From Hindware


Hindware, from the house of HSIL Limited, recently introduced the popular ‘High Definition Glazed Vitrified Tile (GVT)’ in the domestic market. The range is available in 18 different shades of white, cream, grey, copper brown, rust and beige – exhibiting fine colours, designs and texture like wooden, bamboo, slate and stone finishes.

The HD GVT tile promises elegance and style. ‘Vitrified Tiles’ are a type of tile with very low water absorption. When available with a glazed surface these tiles offer options of making any type of design or art work printed on them making them extremely popular.

The glazed layer on top of vitrified tiles offers infinite design possibilities, which can be seen in the range Hindware tiles offer.

Available in a 60 cm x 60 cm size, they come in a box of 4 pieces, and have a coverage area of 1.44 square metres. These tiles are priced at Rs. 1,504 box for matt, Rs. 1,736 for polish and Rs. 1,643 for wood and stone.

Hindware Tiles have also received a GRIHA certification in 2013 as a “Low Energy Flooring” product based on the manufacturing norms for using recycled material as well as for their water saving quality.



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