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Hindware’s Rimless WC

Epitomizing innovation and excellent craftsmanship, Hindware’s rimless water closet comes in a square shape elegant design. Ensuring quintessential hygiene with effective flushing, the rimless WC offers an efficient solution that helps in rinsing the entire inner surface throughout the flushing process.

The Hindware Rimless WC ensure efficiency in cleaning and maintenance that not only guarantees hygiene standards and maintainece, but also saves time.

Ushering in a new era in flush technology, the rimless WC as the name suggests has no rim and also helps in conserving water with its exceptional flushing performance. Bold and beautiful, the Hindware rimless WC’s offers clean simple lines and contemporary styling suitable for any bathroom. Hindware is also the only WC brand in India which is recommended by the Indian Medical Academy of Preventive Health (IAMPH).



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