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Kalingastone Adds A New Range To Its Esclusiva Series

KalingaStone – Classic Marble Company’s flagship brand for engineered stones has introduced four new members into its Esclusiva marble family viz. Otteman Beige, Raffaele, Paladio Grey and Tivoli. The new range is an exclusive custom-made collection for the modern residences and commercial areas and available in standard dimensions of 304 X 125 cm and thicknesses of 12 mm, 16mm and 18 mm.

The new series is a subtle union of traditional and modern designs and are available in classic shades of beige and grey. Slushy swirls are the characteristically distinct patterns in all of four varieties of the series. The Otteman Beige and the Raffale are typically installed as floors that dispense an air of elegance to the space while the Paladio Grey, as the wall with its dark accentuated swirls on the grey background works as a complimenting feature for the space. The Tivoli displays an uncanny resemblance to its Italian counterpart and is perhaps one of the few that are reminiscent with the stones used in Roman architecture.

Its characteristics of being less porous, more flexible and harder than natural marble make the marble an obvious choice for different types of interior and exterior applications like flooring, walls, countertops, etc. in commercial as well as residential areas.



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