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Level-Up – The Up-Down Desk By Vector Projects

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The human body is meant to move. Studies have concluded that sitting for prolonged periods can cause various problems such as muscle strain and stiffness in the back and neck pain due to lack of circulation and energy. Such ailments in the workplace tend to lead to loss of productivity and efficiency. Artmatrix (the in-house brand of Vector Projects (I) Pvt Ltd) now introduces Level-Up – The Up-Down Desk, a height-adjustable workstation that can help avoid these troubles. Ideal for workplaces, these ergonomic workstations are much more than just comfortable.

Level-Up is an electrical height adjustment workstation that is ideal for a sit-to-stand working style and supports different work tasks. The goal of Level-Up is to promote a healthy working style whether it involves sitting or standing and continually energises the blood circulation in the best of comfort. At the same time, people of various heights also can adjust their desk according to their own preference.

One may fix their desired desk height by making it move up and down smoothly and soundlessly with the help of a smart controller. Level-Up ensures a healthy range of working postures throughout the day.


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