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Living In Style’s New Range Of Contemporary Furniture

Living In Style, Mumbai has launched CA Style – an entire range of lavish contemporary furniture for the modern home. Living In Style offers a range of home furniture and accessories with great quality.

The CA Style section on the second level in the Mumbai store has on display luxurious contemporary pieces that have been imported from various international brands like Camel Italy, Calia Italia, Kelvin Giormani etc. The range includes beds, sofa sets, dining tables, coffee tables, chairs, chaise lounges, table lamps, mirrors, center tables and a wide range of other accessories.

The CA Style section has been designed to further enhance the displays in the store. The purple lighting gives this section a warmer and more comforting feel, while the plush amenities and modern wallpaper gives it a sophisticated look. Colour theory has been applied here, so that the modern pieces stand out and are not over powered by the décor..

tel: 022 2875286/28773448


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