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Premium Tiles Brand Kajaria Ceramics Launches The Eternity Tile Collection

Known for creating lasting beauty in homes, offices and public spaces with its magnificent tiles, Kajaria group launched their all new eternity tiles collection. Eternity is a premium tiles brand from Kajaria Group, specially designed to be your tile forever.

The designs are contemporary, evoking a feeling of timelessness. Eternity Tiles come in a splendid array of 750+ designs and SKUs across 12 different sizes in multiple finishes. Almost 100% non-porous, the tiles do not allow water to seep through.

The unique nano polish along with special glazes ensures that the tiles remain stain-proof, scratch-proof and abrasion- resistant. The tiles are made with natural raw materials of the highest quality, using the most advanced technology available.

The extraordinary aesthetic appeal of the tiles is the outcome of the skill and passion of the European master-designers. The vast variety of the collection allows you to create any look you desire for corner of your house or workplace. Exploring new finishes, textures, materials and dimensions, the eternity tiles collection meets global standard innovation and quality.



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