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Racold Launches “Andris” Range Of Water Heaters

Ariston Thermo India Private Limited unveiled a new range of electric storage water heaters ‘Andris’ under the brand Racold. Designed by renowned Italian Designer Umberto Palermo, Andris a premium designed water heater is meant to enhance aesthetic of the bath space. The path breaking design is already successful in Vietnam and South East Asian market and is set to be the much awaited product of the year in India.

Andris has a titanium enamel coating on its inner tank which provides durability even in the harshest of water conditions. Andris has a minimalistic design which is a perfect balance of geometry and style. The combination of compact design and thick PUF insulation makes it highly energy efficient is validated by the 5 star rating from BEE. Andris is rated 8 bar enabling it to withstand high pressure, making it suitable for high rise buildings.

Andris will be available in capacities of 10, 15 & 25 liters across two variants Andris Lux and Andris Lux Plus. With prices starting from Rs. 7,630/- the product will be available for consumers across India.



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