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Sarto Screen

Steelcase Introduces The Sarto Screen

Encouraged by community living, Steelcase provides privacy while facilitating a modern work culture by the innovative use of visual separations in open-planned offices.

Sarto Screen

Amalgamating world-class comfort and design, Steelcase introduces yet another product to its office range with the new Sarto Screens. Considerately designed, these screens initiate a visual partition, yet provide working privacy in an open office environment. Collaboration though important at the work place is as essential as a peaceful secluded space that enables creativity, productivity and wellbeing. Sarto screens address this very critical need around workstations.

Available in varied colours and materials, a large collection over 5 categories with over 70 different options like Wasabi, Blue Jean, Pepper Black contribute to the allure of Sarto screens. Employing a straightforward yet refined profile with a stitched perimeter, radius corners and a fully trackable surface is what makes these screens so practical. The brackets fit smoothly into the bottom of the screen without any visible clamps, giving the entire floor plan a clean and clutter free look.

Sarto Screens are sustainable and crafted with care, made with both PET and wood that is continually recycled. PET fibre is an industrial off-cut in plentiful supply that is made of recycled plastic bottles. It’s interesting raw finish led to the creation of Sarto Raw that is available in two looks, with and without a pressed line detail.

Samantha Giam, Director, Product Marketing at Steelcase Asia Pacific comments, “As offices continue to opt for more open spaces and fluid structures, there is an increasing need for simple, uncomplicated solutions that tackle privacy for colleagues working on laptops and computers, without taking away from the communal layout of the office. The Sarto screen is a perfect combination of style and simplicity to address this, and we’re glad to extend this offering in the ever evolving and growing Indian market. This innovative product is sure to make visual separation across an open office cool.”

With a high number of the workforce demanding a functional and more resilient work environment, the slim and refined Sarto Screen with its robust structure serves this purpose well. Impeccably stylish and easy to use, Sarto screens are now available for purchase across India.

Text by Natalie Pedder-Bajaj



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