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Vitra Launches V-Care Smart WC Pan

VitrA, the leading bathroom solutions brand of Eczacıbaşı Building Products Division in Turkey introduces its technologically advanced V-care smart WC pan. Designed by the famous design studio NOA, the innovative make of shower toilets combines the functionality of a toilet and cleaning properties of a bidet while offering an impressive WC design and increased comfort.

V- care can be used via a remote controller which is very easy to use and helps in controlling features like nozzle position, water pressure and the temperature of the water and the seat. This innovative V-care range by VitrA is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and hygiene.

The rimless design of the inner bowl and a hidden installation by VitrA makes it easier to clean the WC. Offering features like maximum drying and air purification, this range is the solution to all the personal cleaning and hygiene for every user.

It offers all the features of a modern WC along with added advantages of a touch free toilet, elegant look and a technologically advanced bathroom. The V-care range offers two alternatives- basic and comfort.



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