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The existing boulder was incorporated into the design

Boulder No Bar

Pentaspace Consultants includes a boulder as part of their design in the ‘Nava Bharat’ office.

The existing boulder was incorporated into the design

Pentaspace is a multi-disciplinary team that works on architectural and interior design interventions. The philosophy that guides the practice is based on the notion that ‘architectural synergy is a response to space, nature and light.’

Sleek designs and an abstract form in tandem with one another

With this in mind, the work they undertake goes from contextual to creative, and authentic to sustainable. When they first got the project in Hyderabad, the architects were greeted with a gigantic granite boulder that sat bang in the heart of the site. The choice was either to blast the huge rock into smithereens or incorporate it into the interior space.

The granite boulder infused around work-stations of the commercial space

As the boulder takes up a fair portion of the space, the architects came up with a plan to design the office around the it.

The material color palette used are kept in-sync with the interior of the space

Beautiful is the juxtaposition of the modern desks and office paraphernalia against this almost Palaeolithic giant stone. Having a sleek modern design around an abstract granite form lends an element of quiet character to the design.



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