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Primasteel Roofs by Everest consist of a four-layered protection, contain anti-corrosive and weather resistant elements and come in various colours

Combining Inventiveness and Efficiency

Leading companies strive to conjoin innovation and performance in their offerings of distinct and efficient roofing solutions.

Fundamentally meant to shield from the severity of the elements, roofs have evolved both in their looks and functionality. Emergent innovations in the industry pertaining to bettering the efficiency and design of roofing systems are spoiling us with choice in the same. Modern roofing systems provide insulation and waterproofing, for instance, while at the same time being inventive in their design and presenting an aesthetics that is appealing.

It is most imperative that the materials used in the making of roofs are of a high standard and quality so as to evade problems either during the assemblage of the roof or later on.

From flat roofs to hipped roofs to the more contemporary styles in roofing, roofing systems in India are varied and made to suit just as many varied roof types.

Several companies have sprung up in recent years, introducing innovative roofing systems. This is in answer to the growing demand to provide top-notch services and high efficiency when it comes to the roof above one’s head and the exterior, very visible part of one’s home.

What makes each system distinct is the kind  of materials used and the way the materials are manipulated to reach the desired effect.

Wienerberger’s Monnanda Appaiah, MD, asserts, “Ventilated and dry roofing systems are the new age contributors to the roofing industry.”

Traditional roofing systems and roofs have not been, of course, fully ousted yet by newer ones, but have in fact gone through several adjustments and adaptations to suit modern purposes. We look at some smart roofing systems and ideas while characterising them according to the material primarily used in their making.

Metal roofing

Metal roofing has been around since a long while. Previously made of tin or copper, this system of roofing graduated to making use of galvanised iron and aluminium, before gradually settling on to steel. This kind of roofing ensures low cost, low maintenance and lightness of weight while at the same time being durable, safe and even stylish.

In fact, Amit Oberoi, GM, Everest opines, “The metal roofing is the biggest innovation and the new fixing technique for fixation.” Everest’s Primasteel Roofs are produced using high precision roll forming and component forming machines. Made available in Galvalume and steel, these sheets come in a wide variety of vibrant colours. They are provided with a four-layered protection and contain anti-corrosive and weather resistant elements.

The product is also leak proof due to its anti-capillary groove and return lap. The sheets are also fire and spark resistant, and are adaptable to different surroundings, equipped as they are with coatings and fixings suitable for the harshest locations.

The Elabana Translucent Tiles by Monier are designed to match the Elabana concrete tiles to provide a free skylight and let in natural sunlight
The Elabana Translucent Tiles by Monier are designed to match the Elabana concrete tiles to provide a free skylight and let in natural sunlight

Clay roofs

Traditionally used in the making of roofs, clay tiles and bricks are now redefined and repurposed to suit modern needs. Apart from providing the traditional clay roofing solutions, companies today are also offering innovative clay roofing solutions for better comfort and ease of living.

Monier offers fresh new products, imported from European countries, such as Coppo Domus and Plana that ensure impermeability, improved strength and waterproofing. Moreover, its roofing systems come equipped with inventive and innovative features. The Elabana Translucent Tiles are designed to match the Elabana concrete tiles and blend in with the overall roof layout. But their translucency provides a free skylight and lets in natural sunlight.

Wienerberger revolutionises the traditional clay brick used for roofing to suit modern purposes. One of its products, VHV, has a slightly curved chute which integrates into a harmonic wave, giving the roof an overall wavy appearance. Stark advantages of this product include its excellent extension of water to a high sealing performance.

Fibre Cement Roofing

Roofing sheets made from fibre cement are beneficial in several ways. Everest also provides corrugated sheets made from fibre and cement of a high quality.The rigorous quality-control that the materials are made to undergo is touted to be higher than ISI standard. The roofing is low on cost and maintenance, easy to fix and is fire-resistant.

The corrugated roofing sheets are also non-corrosive, vermin-proof, are consistent in strength along and across the sheets, mature with age and have a low thermal conductivity. The sheets endeavour to keep the inside cool. They also have sound absorption properties.

Text By Tasneem S. Pocketwala




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