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‘Fascia’ Exterior Cladding has several applications like facade and balcony claddings, fences, sports facilities and toilet cubicles

The New Face Of Facades

Stylam Industries adds new products  to its offerings in its wall cladding segments.

Stylam is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of high pressure laminates (HPL) since the last two decades.  The company is also recognised as an Export House by the Government of India. It has recently entered the exterior surfaces segment with its cladding and floor board brand.

We speak to Ashish K Sharma, Head-Sales & Marketing at Stylam Industries about the company’s latest products, the growing wall cladding segment and their plans for expansion.

Could you tell us about Stylam? Which kind of surfaces does you company specialise in?

Stylam was incepted in 1991 under the name Golden Laminates Ltd.We export to more than 70 countries worldwide, Europe being the major share.

All our products are HPLs of 0.5 mm to 20 mm thickness; whether it is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal decorative laminates, interior compact (interior wall surfaces/claddings) laminates, exterior wall claddings or exterior floor boards. We have also planned to enter in the segment of rest room cubicles by the end of 2015.

We are going through a massive expansion plan with an outlay of Rs. 60 crores per year by adding up additional production capacity of five lakhs sheets per month with highlight installation of state of the art press in the size of 14’X6’.We aim to be largest manufacturer of laminates in the country by March 2016.

Ashish K Sharma, Head-Sales & Marketing, Stylam Industries
Ashish K Sharma, Head-Sales & amp; Marketing, Stylam Industries

What are your most popular products in the market? What are the consumer’s preferences and demands?

The exterior cladding brand ‘Fascia’ is our most popular product in the market. The decorative laminates, ‘Violam’ with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, ‘Vioflex’, our post forming laminates and ‘Unicore’ laminates are also well accepted and earning great reputation in the market. Consumers are always interested in new patterns for which we introduce new vibrant colours and designs at regular intervals.

What are the innovations that Stylam has brought to the Indian market?

We are the first Indian company to successfully launch and establish HPL exterior cladding with the brand ‘Fascia’ in the Indian market almost three years back and

we are the first in India and second globally to successfully launch HPL exterior floor boards with our brand ‘Walkon’.

The latest, sophisticated moulds of various finishes from France and Germany are implemented in the production of our laminates. The design and efficiency of the laminates have assisted the company in winning the award of CE Marking.

Stylam’s ‘Walkon’ Exterior Floor Boards are slip-resistant, frost-resistant and environmentally friendly
Stylam’s ‘Walkon’ Exterior Floor Boards are slip-resistant, frost-resistant and environmentally friendly

Could you tell us about your products in the exterior surfaces segment?

We provide two types of exterior surface solutions. ‘Fascia’ Exterior Claddings has more than 45 wood decors, 15 plain decors, two customised decors in its portfolio and we are continuously adding to the decors to cater to the design needs of the architect community. It comes in both sided decor and with protective lamination on both sides and is totally fire retardant, impervious to moisture, UV resistant, graffiti resistant and resistant to scratch, chipping and impact damage. It has several applications like facade and balcony claddings, fences, outdoor furniture, playground and sports facilities, toilet cubicles, etc.

Our other product is ‘Walkon’ Exterior Floor Boards. It is the first introduction of Exterior HPL Floor Boards First by any Indian company. They are beautiful, yet durable and hygienic and available in a number of colours, designs and grains.

Some of the prominent features of ‘Walkon’ are: a bottom-side NT, black/brown core, slip-resistance, frost-resistance and environmentally friendly composition.

What is the mind-set of the Indian consumer with regard to wall cladding?

At present this product is still in the concept selling stage especially in non-metros. We are creating awareness among consumers and sharing the benefits of this relatively new concept of wall claddings. Indian consumers are price conscious but also very open to explore and adopt any interesting new concept.

We just need to offer them the best value for their money in terms of beauty, durability, affordability and best after sale assurance, which we provide by offering 10 years warranty against colour fading and de-lamination on our exterior products. The scenario is changing very fast and HPL Wall cladding is here to stay for long time to come.

What do you feel is going to be the future trend in this segment? What are customers looking for ?

Future consumers will be more quality conscious and always in search for new trends and designs. Some other material may be invented in the future for claddings but at present HPL cladding is the most elegant and aesthetic answer for every consumer’s need.



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